The Genesis Machine Series

Aliens have arrived...and this isn't the first time.

When expert Navy linguist and cryptographer Charlie Cutter is recruited into a shadowy wing of the NCIS, she’s tasked with unravelling a mysterious ancient text that has puzzled researchers for centuries.


Aurora Series

Aurora battles her past and rival miners in Alaska's icy wilderness, striving to uphold her father's legacy while untangling mysteries and guarding her heart in a relentless pursuit of survival and redemption.

Books Grouped by Genre

Science Fiction

  • The Genesis Machine series

  • Inception (Book 1)
  • Decryption (Book 2)
  • Revelation (Book 3)



  • Aurora Series

  • Aurora's Gold (Book 1)
  • Aurora's Winter (Book 2)
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Acapulco Nights

A thirty-something woman has a secret husband in Mexico. A quick divorce will free her to marry her fiance. But her estranged husband has other plans...

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A picture of an automated robot with the caption " automated robots."


When Eli visits Chicago in 2043, he is shocked to find his dead wife reborn as a robot. Replica humans are illegal to manufacture, so who would create such a thing and why? As he delves deeper into the mystery surrounding his wife's past, her secrets begin to come to light. Who was she? The discoveries he makes will shatter his world and bring him face to face with an enemy he never knew he had.


A man walking through the woods with a wolf.

Blood Moon

Teachers, parents, tutors: This book is intended as a learning tool for high school students looking to build their vocabulary. This book contains 1000 SAT words to build vocabulary as your child reads. These words are underlined and numbered throughout the text, with definitions in the footnotes.



Charlie and the Zombie Factory

Experience the spine-chilling adventure of "Charlie and the Zombie Factory" as Zane Zago's renowned and enigmatic chocolate factory finally unveils its secrets! Prepare to be captivated by a tale where only five extraordinary chocolate sales experts gain coveted access to the prestigious Chocolate Salesman of the Year competition.

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A man and woman standing in front of an egyptian pyramid.


Alone, desperate, and beautiful. When bullets fly, she must rely on a handsome stranger or face death. Together, they will risk it all for love.

Her whole life was a lie…


A picture of the cover of the book, the little black box.

The Little Black Box

When thoughts can kill.

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A graveyard with some crosses and the words " the ninth curse ".

The Ninth Curse

Nine curses. Nine weeks to live.

When Joel Hatcher inherits his family legacy, he never could have prepared for the horrors he would unleash. Embroiled in a deadly curse that steadily ticks down to his demise, Joel is faced with the impossible task of unraveling the paranormal magic that runs through his family's blood – and curing himself before it's too late.

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Revenge Honeymoon

What happens in the Caribbean, stays in the Caribbean...

Emily Small has a big heart, a loud mouth, and a terrible taste in men. She's used to living in her perfect best friend Ruby's shadow – but when Ruby is left devastated at the altar, Emily becomes desperate to save her friend from heartache... and salvage their non-refundable cruise!

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The Silent Attic

After my dad died, I returned to my childhood home to sort through decades of belongings with my two siblings. Little did I know the attic held secrets long hidden, dredging up memories of things I'd rather forget. Amid the dust and shadows, I uncover a mysterious, unlabeled box filled with cryptic items. As past and present blur, the sinister truth about my family's history on Sunset Court begins to unravel. Every family has its skeletons...


A book cover with an airplane on fire.

The Man in 14C

A brand-new science fiction short story anthology of three fiction works, which were all written using contest prompts.

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A science fiction short story collection of three flash fiction works, which contains both a Wattpad #SciFriday First Place Winner and a Wattpad #SciFriday Honorable Mention Winner.


A book cover with the title of nemesis.


All of the science fiction stories included in this anthology used the same prompt: "Write a short story between 4,000 and 5,000 words using the word 'nemesis' as your inspiration."